1 Clear Thing  

A 60-day Group Coaching Program for Women  

60 Days to get accountable, get clarity, take action, & create massive momentum ...On One Goal

Do you want to make something BIG happen for yourself this year but feel unprepared or inadequate? 

Does life overtake your Goals, causing them to “take a back seat” in your priorities? 

Are you ready to finally make real money doing work you love this year? 

Are you clear on your Big Dream but feel like an imposter when you put yourself out there?

Are you looking for a mentor who can guide you more quickly to your successful Results?

Are you in a rut of working harder, burning out, and you wish you had time for adventure, fun, and play?

Do you need an Accountability Tribe just as passionate and ambitious as you are to keep you on Track?

How do you put all these pieces together?  


Imagine your 2018 looking more like this:  

  • You are excited and clear when you start your New Year--ready to succeed at what you love!! 
  • You totally achieve your yearly goals because you know how to select the RIGHT ones to focus on. 
  • Your income is growing year over year and you are becoming the influencer you’ve dreamed of!  
  • You're having FUN! Whether it's work or play, your life is an adventure again!  
  • You wake up every morning excited for what's next--You know what to do, who it’s for, and why it’s important. 
  • You absolutely trust your gut and inner guide as you take risks. Such a relief! No more second-guessing yourself.  
  • People truly value you because you own your own value. They happily PAY you for your expertise and wisdom. 


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  • and more

from Concept to Tangible Reality

This eight-week group coaching program helps women get clear on 1 major piece of their bigger vision and move it...

from idea to strategy to action to reality

Meet your ACCELERATE Coach and Mentor

Hello love, I'm Carmell! I am a mentor of movement and a conscious creator. I've learned to dance my own fears into joy and success! I want to help you dance with yours too ;)

I have the gift to see inside women's dreams. Once we know your dreams, I will not let you off the hook to make them happen!  

WHY work with me as opposed to any other coach?

I believe your soul purpose should direct your life. 

As a professional instigator, I identify ALL the factors -- experiences, desires, expectations, biases, environments -- and intuitively get you crystal clear about your unique opportunities and your exact next steps. 

My heart is generous and radically accountable to your freedom and my own. Your success is my success. I continually create the highest value for all my amazing clients.  

A Master Coach, Life Artist, speaker, and author, I have worked with thousands over the past 17 years to influence transformation, and internal and external success. I am known for moving women forward quickly in their vision, and I have the uncanny ability to bring you to clarity on the deepest level of your being. My core work is to raise consciousness at every level of women’s lives and leadership. 

I hope you will join me to ACCELERATE Your Life!


Beyond instigating radical growth, Carmell trains and mentors today’s rising powerhouse leaders. She is sought out internationally by coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, and those on the path to becoming their own authority for the purpose of greater gravitas and influence in their work.  

For nearly two decades, Carmell has brought clarity to hundreds of clients resulting in their ability to take action to create and transform on their own. Her journey has taken her across the planet. Through her company, The Adventurous Self, Carmell currently provides individual and group coaching programs designed to build the person alongside their business, career, and life vision.  

Since 2012, Carmell has been using her company to establish a growing international platform while she has created location independence. You will find her working, speaking and living in the U.S., Europe, India, and Indonesia as desired. Carmell is a skilled storyteller, international speaker, world traveler, and leadership mentor.

My experience with the Accelerate group has been a phenomenal part of my growth. Carmell showed me how to see into my own soul and be unafraid of what I would find. Her example of unconditional love and acceptance helped me to unlock the most scary and powerful parts of myself and bring them to the light. I am no longer afraid of who I am and I am no longer afraid of fear. 

Because I am more deeply rooted in my true self I have been able to connect more authentically with my audience and monetize my new business in a way that feels real, free and true to me. The connections I have made with the other wonderful women who shared this experience with me are priceless. I learned so much from their journeys and we are connected at the heart. 

Accelerate has been so much more than a simple goal achievement program. It has been a soul transformation that has brought me clarity and peace in being who I am and reaching for what really makes me tick.  

-Erin Feik, Founder Share Wellness Be Whole 

“This is so awesome!! This is what I’ve been trying to create for the last 8 years starting when the economy tanked in 2008. 

Actually, I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life since my daughter was 5 and that’s 17 years ago. And here it is! You’re amazing!” 

-Laurie Brautigam, CEO Everyone Can Thrive 

I can honestly say that the Accelerate program has dramatically changed my life. 

This environment for change, the kind of change you can only dream about is led by Carmell Clark. She creates this, inspires it, and leads the fostering of new relationships and deep soul connections unimaginable in any other setting. The path you will embark on with this group dynamic will be unforgettable and unique every time. 

If you are ready to step into this world, step up to your dreams, and be open to quite possibly radically changing the way you look at your life, you are in for a treat and an amazing ride, a once (maybe 2x's) life experience. 

 So much love to all those who have been on and will join the journey of self-discovery  

-Erin Bradt, Human Product Designer 

This is not a program of empty promises or techniques that don't work well in real life. 

It's feet-on-the-ground work and life coaching based on one simple truth:

Wherever you are, Whatever your experiences, YOU are your best asset.

And... ACCELERATE was created specifically to help you unlock it!

Let's take a look inside the program...


  • 16+ HOURS OF COACHING -- $6000 value
  • Weekly 2-hour Live calls with Carmell and your Tribe using video conferencing
  • Each woman gets a short hotseat (10 minutes of focused coaching work with Carmell) during our first and last sessions -- $125 value
  • Each woman gets two longer hot seats (15 minutes) during the intervening weeks -- $150 value
  • Weekly group coaching during each call straight from Carmell's signature system, Bare Minimum Genius -- $500 value
  • ACCELERATE Workbook with Calendar -- $49 value
  • The Most Effective Ways to Brainstorm training, including Bonus Workbook pages -- $149 value
  • Mindmapping video training, including Bonus Workbook pages -- $49 value
  • Lifetime access to the private Facebook community of women from across the globe. 
  • Mentoring by a Master Coach and an intuitive with 17 years of experience, and thousands of successful clients. 
  • Special Live Follow-up meetings 1 month and 2 months afterward with Carmell and your Tribe, to keep you moving forward!--$750 value
  • Adding your powerful self to an amazing network of real women leading forward their lives and their work -- Priceless!

This year, I have made three very critical and exciting additions to the ACCELERATE program! 

  • A kick-a$$ 20-minute LIVE core strength training workout 5 days a week with my wonderful personal trainer. She will be doing FB LIVE in our private group for 20 minutes each morning. You can join live with our group or do it when your schedule allows. Imagine... 20 minutes of building your core five days a week for 8 weeks!! -- $600 value
  • First access to registration for Round Two of the ACCELERATE program. Losing momentum in your business during the summer has been a top concern for women. This will help you carry the momentum you’ve created into the Fall and beyond!
  • Special Invitation and discount to Carmell’s ACCELERATE: Mexico Retreat in October, designed with you in mind! Filled with FUN, Adventure, Masterminding with your Tribe, and working to complete your 1 Year Goal. -- $500 value

Total Value: $8822.00

Your Price: $1497 until January 17th, 2018


How do I know that the Accelerate program gets Results? 

The proof is in everyone's experiences, including my own! 

Within 60 Days I created Location Independence for myself. 

  • I sublet my house
  • donated or sold most of my belongings
  • transfered my entire business and life into a digital format that could travel with me around the world
  • found a caregiver for my beloved and aged kitty
  • had my passport ready
  • and put together a plan for the first 10 days of my 3-month adventure. 

And then I left….! 

That was 2014. 

In 2015, I did it again. 

-- I began writing my book 

-- I launched my first International Women’s Retreat in India 

-- I produced Oprah Winfrey's Belief Series in Salt Lake City 

-- I collaborated with a documentary film maker to produce a local doc film 

-- I launched my work on a global level 

-- And I traveled through India, Thailand, and Bali for four months

If you knew success was inevitable, what goal would you Accelerate in the next 60 days?

Wow! When I first signed up to work with Carmell I knew that I would be inspired to go outside of my comfort zone and take giant leaps in the direction of my dream because well… who isn’t inspired by Carmell?! What I didn’t know was just how far I would jump! 

My search for clarity with my message, the unexpected move, the call to go on our humanitarian mission were not all unrelated events but perfectly orchestrated pieces of a beautiful dream that is still showing itself to me. The catalyst? Taking the leap... and stepping out on faith, open to the possibilities. 

I am VERY clear on what my next steps are and on how to map them out over my next 60 day leap. My life is shifting in such exciting ways and it all began when I CHOSE to take this leap. 

-Liz Stone, Author, Human Rights Activist and Humanitarian 


I started my journey in Accelerate having a very clear, concrete goal that I would be running towards. It was everything a S.M.A.R.T. goal should be. The path to get there was a little more circuitous than I imagined. 

What Carmell and her program did for my goal was to uncover all of my excuses, my bravado, my ego, my lies, etc. that had me playing small and insignificant, rather than trusting my gut and going in the direction I needed to go. 

My group became my truest support system. And in the end, they became my friends and guides. I had some of my biggest breakthroughs through listening to their breakthroughs. I didn’t even know those were issues for me and my success. It was more powerful than any Mastermind group I’ve ever been a part of, because it was more real, more authentic, and more focused on the core of each person and their dream.  

I expected Accelerate to focus on action steps, but it was more than that. It was focused on helping each of us come to our truest self, and our business goal come to its natural, organic result. I loved feeling that even if I failed miserably I was still on the right path.  

-Wendy Clark Bowers, Founder and CEO, Money Organized 

Is ACCELERATE right for you?  

Is this you?

You might be the woman who gets in her own way--and knows it. But doesn’t know how to get out of it. I’ve been in those shoes. Many times. It’s the first step that really starts opening your eyes to what you’re going to do. Trust me. Laser-focused movement stirs up the Right opportunities. 

Do you have a million brilliant ideas every week? I know exactly how to get you honed in on THE one you most want to go after now. Why? Because I have a million brilliant ideas every week too. 1 Clear Thing, baby! It has to be your Right Thing. That gets the results. That opens to your money. 

Do you doubt yourself? Chances are good you have a pattern of that. We will shift you out of that pattern! In my programs, accountability means owning who you are even when you feel out of your league or like an amateur. That’s the real authenticity. That is where your success lies. 

Do you get so caught up in the details that you lose your clear focus? I've done that too. When I coach women 1-on-1, the #1 thing we do right off the bat is to work into clarity. Without clarity, all our other actions become a frantic dash in multiple directions, or a goal we’ve set that doesn’t really hit home in our heart or gut. 

The ACCELERATE program works to help you through this and even more! 

Some examples of what others have done using the ACCELERATE program. 


Started the program in 2016 to Accelerate her goal of writing a book. Doing the program helped her get clarity on her bigger picture, gave her the courage to listen to her bigger purpose and shift her focus slightly. She and her family sold their ranch and most of their belongings to serve a humanitarian mission to Haiti with O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad). 

Arriving in Haiti, she discovered her own mission to create Haiti’s next leaders out of it’s orphanages and change the face of slavery. She returned to the U.S. to start her own non-profit organization to help children in orphanages, including former victims of human trafficking, build life and leadership skills. Her non-profit is welcoming all funding to further empower the One.


Started the program to Accelerate her goal of starting a blog and a business. Doing the program gave her the courage to do things she would have never dreamed of doing before. She raised donations from her network to launch her business, which gave her enough operating capital to get up and running within 7 months of starting the program. She was featured on her local NBC affiliate’s morning show shortly afterward. At the end of her second year participating in the Accelerate program, she officially launched her first paid product and actually sold it! That experience helped to shape her business going forward. She has now sharpened her focus to enable her to balance the needs of her growing influence and her family. Her biggest take-away has been to build her business in a way that works for her, instead of following the advice of industry experts. The Accelerate program was critical in teaching her how to listen to her intuition and trust herself as she moves her business and her life forward. 

Erin F.

Started the program to Accelerate her goal of building an affiliate marketing business. Doing the program helped her get clarity on her deeper purpose and her core dreams. She shifted directions and pursued public speaking, all while struggling with debilitating health issues. She leveraged resources that would train her in that field and began publicly presenting herself.  

Some of her greatest breakthroughs came while learning to navigate her Expectations. She learned to Trust and accept what her health would allow her to do and to be grateful to be right where she was, however that may appear. This turned into a core message she now teaches! She went on to produce and sell a CD of one of her training workshops teaching others how to discover their joy amidst their physical or mental struggles.  

After her second year participating in the Accelerate program, she developed, promoted, and sold live training workshops and a digital coaching program helping others improve their relationship with money.

The core of ACCELERATE teaches women how to listen and trust their gut and their heart. They learn to take action steps fearlessly, knowing that it’s the correct step for them in that moment. 


Doors close at January 17, 2018 at midnight 


Only 20 12 Spots Available!

Need a Payment Plan? Four (4) monthly payments of $397.00 

Everything is still included, just easier on your wallet!


16+ HOURS OF COACHING -- $6000 value  

Two hotseats (10 minutes of focused coaching work with Carmell during our first and last sessions) -- $125 value

ACCELERATE Workbook with Calendar -- $49 value  

The Most Effective Ways to Brainstorm training, including Bonus Workbook pages -- $149 value  

Mindmapping video training, including Bonus Workbook pages -- $49 value  

Lifetime access to the private Facebook community of women across the globe.  

Special Live Follow-up meetings 1 and 2 months afterwards with Carmell and your Tribe, to keep you moving forward! -- $200 value  

Kick-a$$ 20-minute LIVE core strength training 5 days a week for 8 weeks with my wonderful personal trainer. -- $600 value  

Special Invitation and discount to Carmell’s Mexico Retreat in October. FUN, Adventure, Masterminding, Oh my! -- $500 value  

And more!  

Total Value: $8822


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program? 

The program is 60 days long. 8 weeks of intense, focused, one-on-one and group coaching. Each session lasts for 90 minutes. 

How many women will be in the group?

Because of the nature of the program, space is limited to 20 amazing women. This allows Carmell to coach to the needs of the individual and the Tribe.  

Will the live sessions work with my schedule?

Our small exclusive groups will work to accommodate everyone. We definitely want you to attend all of them. There is so much work that happens IN the meetings themselves. And each session is recorded and shared with the group so you can access the replays. This group will be your "tribe" for the duration of the program.

How do I participate in the coaching? 

We use Zoom video-conferencing software and meeting rooms. It is similar to Google Hangouts or Skype meetings. I will send the link to my virtual meeting room within 24 hours of the first session via email. 

What technology do I need?

You need to have a computer or tablet with a video camera and microphone to participate. The software will download to your computer, it’s not large so doesn’t take long, and then you will be prompted to Launch Zoom. Detailed instructions on launching the software will be included with the meeting room link. 

What if I don’t know what my Goal is or which Goal to focus on? 

This is the perfect place for you to gain Clarity. Through the coaching and homework exercises, you’ll determine your 1 Clear Thing. And momentum is created as you step into the dark. That momentum will show you your opportunities and it’s easier to become very clear on what your Goal is as you’re moving forward. 

Do you guarantee my results? 

No one can do the work but YOU! It's Your Dream, Your Goal--only You can create it. And I want you to! You will get 200%+ of what you invest in yourself. This program is designed to get you clear and accountable. Every one of my clients will tell you I create momentum. My measurement of success is behavior change where every morning you're passionately building your next step. I will be your guide and mentor, your confidante, your kick in the butt, and the one who gets teary when you succeed!  

Do you offer refunds?

If your circumstances change after you've registered, refunds can be given up until the Sunday prior to our first session. Once a group begins, I want everyone to be committed to the entire 8 week process. The success of the group requires each woman to be ALL-IN for herself and the benefit of ALL when we start!  

Do I have access to my support group outside of the Accelerate weekly sessions?

Yes! Absolutely! It’s important to be able to check-in with your group during the week. Our Private Facebook group, LifeArtist Global™, is only for clients and members who have participated in coaching work with me. You will be given an invitation to the group once your registration is complete. I encourage you to come in, introduce yourself, engage with others, and reach out with your questions. 

I'm so excited to have you join us in the group! Your incredible ACCELERATED year is just beginning... ~C

Need more information? Let’s have a cozy chat in a free discovery session to determine if this is the right fit for you. No obligation, no pressure. Click below to open my scheduler and reserve 30 minutes. Carmell’s Online Appointment Calendar